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INTERNET Marketing - Social Media (Web 2.0)

As you see in advertisements everywhere these days, there’s quite a buzz around sites like Facebook and Twitter.
That’s because marketing is taking another shape. The newest platform for marketing is called Social Media or Web 2.0.

Here are some statistics:

+ 90% search online when looking for a business
+ According to Inc. Magazine, 91% of all businesses are attempting to use social media to promote their businesses.
+ In 2009, 85% of those surveyed said that the platform has created buzz for their business, also according to Inc. Magazine.
+ This 85% demonstrates that business owners are seeing a positive ROI for their advertising dollars.
+ Yellow pages and newspapers are shrinking mediums for advertising.
+ Radios are being replaced by mp3 ante radio (commercial free).

What’s so special about social media is it lets your target audience communicate directly with you.  It gives the personal touch that your business will need to get your message across to your current and potential client base.  Relationship marketing is where marketing in general is headed. Social media is the platform that will establish the necessary two-way communication with your customers, giving way to creating long lasting and effective business relationships while strengthening your company brand and image.