Our Process

Oh the awesomeness of finally getting your web site plan together, your marketing plan ideas in place and your network set up in your office!  That's fine and dandy, but you're probably wondering, "What exactly are you guys going to do, and how long is it going to take?"  That's a great question and we're here to answer that and more.   In an attempt to satiate your thirst for info, here you'll find a brief overview of our process and stages:

1. We Listen To You!

You tell us what you'd like, what you dislike & what you're trying to achieve. (Including a budget helps). We'll then make
some suggestions for what will work well with your business that makes the best use of your hard earned cash.

2. We Collectively Decide on the Details.

You can select from our current packages of services or create your own! We always provide you with a "Statement of Work,"
which outlines exactly what to expect so that everything and everyone is clear about the design process.

3. We Build It!

Within the time frame decided for the project, we create your custom website to your satisfaction. We go through some revisions
until it meets your requirements that you give us at the beginning of the project. Most projects are completed within 30 days.

4. We Maintain It!

Keeping a website fresh and updated regularly can become a chore for busy business owners.  So we take care of that for you,
along with making sure the site stays live.  While maintaining or helping you develop your brand identity, we put your best foot
forward.  Whichever marketing or search engine optimization package you select, we continue to market your site using your
unique brand voice so your clients and potential customers can easily find and pick you out of a crowd!